Summer Sunset Sangria

Hello everyone, happy #SangriaSundaze and happy Labor Day weekend. While this weekend is traditionally the unofficial end of summer; Spent down at the beach or at festive backyard barbecues, the weather here on Long Island has taken a turn this week. The hot and humid days of summer sunshine have given way to cooler temperatures and rain that truly makes it feel like autumn already. Although cooler than usual, here at Sangria Sundaze headquarters we weren’t ready to delve into all of our autumn inspired treats just yet. Wanting to create something that was transitional from the dog days of summer into the cooler sweater weather we give to you Summer Sunset Sangria.

For this weeks recipe I really wanted to play with some summer flavors and also some early autumn inspiration. In the hot summer sun drinking rum with cranberry and orange juice always tastes like a tropical treat. Tart cranberry also plays a role in many autumn food and drink favorites and you will see that over the next few weeks I’ll be using it in a variety of ways. I also thought about using something hot and spicy like cinnamon but I figured that best saved for when we get officially into the fall season so I decided to use the subtle warmth and sweetness of vanilla. In order to really amp up the vanilla taste I’ve added 2tsp of pure vanilla extract into the vanilla vodka. I used this creation and poured it over some sliced oranges, added in a bottle of my favorite Chardonnay and topped the whole creation with equal parts 100% cranberry and orange juice. 


2 oranges sliced

2 cups vanilla vodka 

2tsp pure vanilla extract

1 750ml bottle Chardonnay

1 cup orange juice

1 cup 100% cranberry juice

Wash and slice oranges 

Add to bottom of pitcher

Top with vodka and vanilla extract

Add in bottle of wine

Top with juices
Serve over ice.


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