Strawberry Shortcake Sangria

What a beautiful day for #SangriaSundaze. Summer is coming to a close here on Long Island and the stores are stocked with back to school supplies but we’re not ready to get into our fall inspired recipes just yet. Today we’ve created Strawberry Shortcake Sangria!Driving out east here on Long Island the roads are dotted with signs for Farm Fresh Strawberries, such a summertime staple. I thought it would be so fun to create a delicious sangria inspired by summertime strawberry shortcake. Truth be told it also tastes just like those delicious Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars! 

The first challenge I came across was how to create strawberry juice… I realized that strawberry isn’t a juice flavor that’s easily available in the grocery store aisles the way you might find cranberry or pineapple juice. So I decided to create my own, and to be honest it was pretty simple. I took two pounds of frozen strawberries and covered them with 1 cup of organic cane sugar and placed it all in a covered container inside of the refrigerator for 24hours. After that I blended the fruit and the juice it had created during the thawing process with a couple tablespoons of water to keep everything liquid-ey. Then I strained the entire mixture through a fine mesh sieve. Delicious, sweet strawberry juice. 

Once the juice was made the rest of the drink was very simple. Only 5 ingredients. After we cleaned and sliced approx 8 fresh we layered them into the bottom of a large glass pitcher. We covered the strawberries with 2 cups of vanilla vodka, a 1.5liter bottle of white Zinfandel, 2 cups of our newly made strawberry juice and topped the whole mixture with some sparking strawberry seltzer.


Fresh strawberries

2 cups vanilla vodka

1.5 liter bottle White Zinfandel

2 cups homemade strawberry juice (see above)

Sparking Strawberry seltzer

Wash & Slice 8 fresh strawberries 

Add to bottom of pitcher

Top with 2 cups vanilla vodka

Add bottle of White Zinfandel

Pour in 2 cups homemade strawberry juice 

Top with sparking water
Mix well to combine. Serve over ice


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