Tropical Red Sangria

Another Sunday and another sangria, that’s why we call it #sangriasundaze LOL 
This week I wanted to try to challenge myself and create a sangria using ingredients I already had in the fridge. Making new and unique sangria creations week after week has left me with a good amounts of leftovers and I hate to waste anything. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, but how would I make it make sense to create a delicious drink?! 

Well I started by taking an inventory of different fruit flavor liquors I had extra of from weeks past. A little coconut rum from the #pinacoladasangria. A little peach schnapps from the first weeks post. About half a bottle of triple sec from the #margaritasangria. I also happened to have two large bottles of red wine on hand, one was a house red blend and one a Cabernet Sauvignon…. so I decided to make a Tropical Red Sangria! 

I also had a few citrus fruit rolling around in the fruit drawer of the fridge that I wanted to use before they went bad, so I headed to the grocery store to pick up two bags of mixed frozen fruits. The mixed bags had pineapples, peaches, mango, strawberries and blueberries… this sure is going to be fruity! And I picked up a couple of cheap tropical fruit punch juice from the refrigerated section.

I think this is a great sangria and I love that I was able to only spend $7 on additional items and use up things I had that were basically just taking up space in my fridge. I urge you to look around you’re own kitchen and see what you may have on hand to make your own delicious and unique combination. A few cups of a fruity flavored liquor? Maybe some delicious dark rum or brandy? Do you have any fresh fruits you’d like to use before they go bad? Maybe you have some canned fruit in the pantry just collecting dust? A bottle of wine that may not be your favorite kind to drink by itself might make the perfect accompaniment for your own personal sangria! Experiment for yourself and let us know what you make!

Tropical Red Sangria (large batch)


1 lemon 

1 lime 

1 orange

2 bags frozen mixed fruit

1 cup peach schnapps

1 cup coconut rum

3 cups triple sec

2 large bottles red wine (1.75 liters each)

2 tropical fruit punch (1.75 liters each)
Wash and slice fresh fruit into wedges

Add to bottom of bowl with bagged frozen fruit

Top with fruit flavored liquids

Add in wine and juice

Stir, chill and serve over ice.

Garnish as desired

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