Rosemary Greyhound Sparkler

Hello everyone, and happy #sangriasundaze. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and finalizing their plans for July 4th parties, picnics and barbecues. 

I toyed around with a few different ideas for a sangria for this week. Something red white and blue? Something that tasted like an apple pie? 
But then my wonderful boss Karen approached me and brought in a HUGE bag of fresh rosemary that she had grown in her garden. She wanted to know if Sangria Sundaze would want to make another drink for the salon clients to enjoy and with that I found my inspiration… 

Rosemary Greyhound Sparkler is a fresh, tart and herbaceous drink perfect for the daytime and the hot summer weather. It is refreshing, not too sweet, and feels like a luxury cocktail that you might pay top dollar for at a fancy NYC brunch spot. Hope you enjoy!!!


(Large batch)

3 lemons sliced

2 ruby red grapefruit cut into wedges

ALOT of fresh rosemary 

1 cup organic cane sugar

1 cup gin

3 bottles of champagne 

12 cups grapefruit juice


Wash and slice fruit, add to bottom of container

Top with sugar and gin

Add in rosemary (some whole some chopped)

Pour in champagne

Top with grapefruit juice

Stir. Chill. Serve over ice with rosemary for garnish 

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