Rainbow Pride Sangria

Happy Sunday! To celebrate Pride month and the Pride Parade today in NYC we’ve made a rainbow sangria! Today isn’t really a recipe but just a happy sangria post… feel free to use whichever fruits you would like to create your own beautiful rainbow.

For this sangria you will notice that there is a lot more fruit than usual, I wanted to create almost a “drunken fruit salad” kind of idea. I used a combination of fresh fruit along with some canned fruits in 100% juice. I drained the juice from the canned fruits and reserved it to be added back in at the end as our mixer.

List of fruits I used:

Fresh strawberries 

Canned mandarin oranges

Canned peaches 

Canned pineapple

Fresh kiwi

Fresh green grapes

Fresh blueberries 

Fresh red grapes
Other ingredients: 

Apple brandy

White wine (we used Pinot)
Assemble the fruit in the container of your choice. Then top with approx. 1 cup of the apple brandy, add approx. 3 cups of white wine and fill with reserved canned fruit juice. Chill. Serve over ice.

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