Lemon Meringue Sangria

Some of you may have noticed that we have been MIA for about 2 weeks but don’t worry, we weren’t slacking LOL! Just working on perfecting some great drink options for all of your summer party needs!

Lemon Meringue Sangria


The first recipe I want to share with you is from what I served at my very own 29th birthday party for Memorial Day weekend. I know that that was over 2 weeks ago but sometimes its hard to create original sangria recipes, host parties, and blog while still living my normal life LOL #firstworldproblems…


I wanted to create something that would serve a lot of people in a glass beverage dispenser with a spout. I knew I wanted to work with lemons since they would be a fruit that people would like to taste without actually eating (since the dispenser had a screwed on lid). I also knew that I wanted this sangria to be strong, sweet, and a little bit sour just like a lemon itself. I chose to go with whipped cream vodka because I thought it would add a creamy sweetness. I think the overall response to this sangria was positive. Some people said it tasted like a sweet/tart candy while others thought it tasted like the lemon version of a creamsicle. (Oooh, orange creamsicle sangria might be AWESOMEEE!)

Lemon Meringue Sangria Ingredients

I liked this sangria a lot, I thought it was perfect for a summer day, great to be served in this type of container, and generally something a lot of people enjoyed. It was a perfect choice for an outdoor summer party. I think I set out to create what I had planned, something with bold flavor that was both very sweet and very tart.


We give you Lemon Meringue Sangria



3 lemons cut into wedges

6 Tablespoons white sugar

750ml Bottle Whipped vodka (we used pinnacle)

1.5liter bottle Sweet White Wine (we used Liberty Creek White Moscato)

2 bottles lemonade

additional lemon juice


Slice lemons and add to bottom of pitcher

Top with white sugar

Add in the entire 750ml bottle of Vodka

Add in 1.5liter bottle of white wine

CHILL for 2 hours (or more if time allows)

Before Serving, top with lemonade and additional fresh lemon juice


Jessica Drinking Sangria

“Jessica Enjoys The Sangria”

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