Simple Red Sangria

Well it’s Sunday again! It is most favorite day of the week where I get to share with all of you another delicious Sangria recipe. I was toying around with which recipe I wanted to post this week and since we’ve posted two weeks of Rosé, I thought that a simple classic red sangria would be a good choice. I love red sangria, I think it’s the most common type and I think it’s a crowd pleaser no matter what type of party you’re throwing or what season you are in. It also goes well with a sit down meal or with a simple spread of cheese and crackers or with a backyard barbecue. About a month ago I threw a little pre-season backyard party and this sangria was a HUGE hit (and part of the reason I decided to start writing this blog in the first place). We served it along side a simple cheeseboard, some dried fruit and nuts, and later in the night we made a fire to roast marshmallows for s’mores. Sangria and s’mores! What could be better than that?

simple red sangria 4.jpg


What’s fun with this recipe is that it is really customizable to your individual tastes. The basic recipe has 7 ingredients and you are more than welcome to swap out or add in as many extras as your heart desires. When we served this last month we served it in the most basic form, to test out the response from the guests. Today I decided to add in some other fresh fruit that I had in the fridge. Feel free to add in whatever other fruits you would like. Pineapple? Watermelon? Kiwi? The options are endless and I would love to hear some of your variations!

Simple Red Sangria 1.jpg

First we will wash all of the fruit. Cube the apples and slice the oranges into wedge shaped pieces, and slice the lemons into half moons. We will also cube the peaches and add the grapes. We will add all the fruit the bottom of the bowl top the fruit with approximately 3-4 tablespoons brown sugar and two cups of brandy. Feel free to add extra if you like your sangria on the stronger side. You could also use cognac or any other dark, sweet, full flavored liquor. Add in the large bottle of red wine and chill. Then before serving we will add in 6 cups of orange juice and some fresh squeezed lemon over the top to give everything a bright citrusy zing!

I love this sangria for it’s bold, juicy fruit flavors… it’s kind of like an amped up version of a certain chain restaurants red apple sangria (only better). Try it, I promise you will not be disappointed. And sound off in the comments below to let us know what other fruits you would add!


2 Cups Dark Brandy (extra if you would like)

1.5 liters red wine (we used merlot)

2 apples cubed

2 orange sliced into wedges

1 lemon sliced into half-moon

3-4 Tablespoons dark brown sugar

6 cups Orange juice




Fill bottom of bowl with chopped fruit

Top with brown sugar and brandy

Add wine


Top with orange juice and fresh squeezed lemon if desired


simple red sangria 5.jpg


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