Raspberry Peach Spring Sangria

The first time I ever made this sangria was in the beautiful town on Cherry Grove on Fire Island, NY. I was staying in a little one-bedroom rental with 2 of my friends for a week at the end of the summer. Although the three of us had stayed in cherry grove before, this was the first time we stayed for anything as long as a full week, and instead of staying at a hotel we rented a small apartment in the back of a larger house.

Fire Island Vacation

It had the prettiest little backyard area and a deck with a bar-b-cue and a table and chairs to sit at. All I wanted to do was play host and invite all my friends over to see where I was staying; and what kind of host would I have been without pitcher of delicious and refreshing drinks for everyone to enjoy? The first friend we had over that day was not very impressed with my sangria, because he said it was made with cheep wine (I believe he referred to it as “hooker wine” LOL) but that didn’t stop me. Years later I brought this old staple out of retirement for a small cocktail party / game night at my apartment and all of my guests loved it!!!

Game Night 2016.jpg

It’s a sweet and sunny warm weather staple…


I give you Raspberry Peach Spring Sangria


For this recipe I decided to go with frozen peaches, fresh raspberries and fresh lemons. In actuality it’s not that important if you choose fresh, canned or frozen fruit. (Except for lemons. Always. Fresh. Lemons) each one has their own unique benefits. With the peaches I went with frozen because I like the fact that they are pitted and sliced all into the same size and shape, they are picked at the peak of their ripeness and then immediately frozen so I feel that you always end up with a tasty and delicious piece of fruit. Also, using a frozen fruit can help to chill the punch without adding ice. The raspberries I picked up fresh because they happened to look just beautiful at the store, they were on sale, and sometimes the smaller types of frozen berries (raspberries, blackberries) can end up a little bit “crumbled” in the freezer section, although they will still taste just as delicious. So, it’s  really up to you.


As for the liquor and wine we will be using peach schnapps and White Zinfandel, I just find that the flavors compliment each other well and both tend to be rather inexpensive and readily available. I try to not spend too much money on the wines I use since we will be adding so many other delicious ingredients anyway (more on spending another time)


And for the “mixer” for this punch I have decided to keep things simple and to balance out some of the sweetness by adding an unsweetened raspberry sparkling water for a fruity-floral flavor and some great fizz.

Raspberry Peach 1

First we will add the frozen peaches and fresh raspberries to the bottom of our punch bowl, slice 2 lemons and add them in as well and squeeze in the juice of the third lemon. Then we will cover the fruit with 2 cups of peach schnapps and the 1.5 liter bottle of Rose and chill for at least 1 hour but more of you have the time. Then right before serving add the chilled sparkling water.

Normally I would most likely not add ice directly to the punch bowl because I don’t what the punch to get watered down (you will see that I added the ice for the photos). Most likely I would fill an ice bucket and set it next to the punch bowl so guests can “ice” as they see fit. Another idea might be to use those ADORABLE freezable and reusable ice cubes (what a fun idea for another day)

Raspberry Peach 2



16 ounce bag frozen peaches

12 ounce container fresh raspberries

3 fresh lemons (2 for slicing, 1 for juice)

2 cups peach schnapps

1.5 liter bottle Rose wine (we used White Zinfindel)

4 cups raspberry seltzer (approx. 1 liter)
Combine frozen peaches and fresh raspberries in bottom of punch bowl or glass pitcher; add sliced lemons and fresh lemon juice. Pour 2 cups peach schnapps over fruit and stir to combine, add bottle of wine. Cover and chill for at least an hour or more if time allows. Before serving add 4 cups chilled seltzer and stir. Serve over Ice. Enjoy


Raspberry Peach 3

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