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Hi, this is me, Aaron!

One of my first memories of homemade sangria was from my last year in High school, June 2006; my senior prom. My mother had decided to make a simple homemade sangria for a little pre prom party we were having at my house. In actuality it turned out to only be me and my parents, my date who was (and still is) my best friend Karen, and a friend who lived across the street who had come over to take some photos of us before we got in our little “limo” to be taken to the city… I’m sure I must have tasted the sangria that day, but being underage and hanging out with my parents wasn’t really my idea of fun LOL… it would be years later when I first tried to make my own sangria. This blog is dedicated to all the friends I’ve made along the way, for being good sports and trying all my crazy party drink recipes and to my loving partner Jay, for being my #1 fan and taste tester, without him none of this would have ever been possible.


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  1. Thoroughly enjoyable. Your personality comes shining through. Thanks for the great tips. The pictures and stories are incredible. Made me want to make pretty punch. Great job Aaron!


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