Punch bowls, Pitchers and Parties… Oh My!

I think one of the first things to consider when making a party punch or sangria is to decide what you will be serving it in. Of course it’s not necessary to use a lavish and expensive bowl or pitcher and you likely already own something that will work just fine.



Throughout my Internet travels I’ve seen some very, very creative solutions. The fruit & vegetable drawer from inside a refrigerator or a large plastic storage container could work well if your making enough for an army.

carafe 1

On the flip side a simple juice carafe can work great to make a small batch of sangria for two.

punch bowl 2

Another thing to consider is the color and style of the vessel you will serve your drink in, while it won’t affect the taste it is said that people eat with their eyes first. A simple clean clear glass is always a standard choice but feel free to play around with colored glassware or perhaps a hand painted set!

vintage punch

Personally, I tend to find myself drawn towards a punch bowl. There’s something special about a punch bowl. It’s reminiscent of times past, you can see pictures and read recipes from years ago, from the 1950s and 60s; From cocktail parties when people would get dressed up nice to go to each other houses and eat and drink and chat and listen to records or to the radio. Something about a punch always seem welcoming, a conversation starter and something for all guests to enjoy. A punch bowl can also be helpful if your punch includes larger pieces of fruit, or you want to be able to scoop out punch with and/or without fruit…

On the other hand a beautiful glass pitcher can be a great serving option as well, especially for outdoor parties or cocktails passed around by the pool.

Also there are some wonderful options for beverage dispensers with spouts. They keep the beverage covered tightly, which is nice and they tend to be less messy and easier to serve which is also nice but keep in mind a closed lid and a spout means guests (and yourself) won’t be able to get to any of the delicious fruit unless you open then lid and scoop some out. This could, however, be a great option for a punch where you wouldn’t necessarily want to eat the fruit, maybe a punch made with only lemons?

Well, what do you know? I guess that’s an idea for another day…

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